Participating in Virtual Classroom Training

To participate in virtual classroom training, you need an Internet connection and a telephone.
These instructor-led training programs are conducted virtually and use Live Meeting for the lecture/meeting portion of the class and Aventail VPN with Exceed OnDemand for the lab portion.
After registering for a training event, you receive detailed instructions about the virtual classroom and a telephone number to dial for the audio.

Each course is usually divided into four-hour sessions spanning several days. Each session consists of lectures and lab exercises using Cadence software. Between sessions, you can further explore the lab exercises on your own.

To ensure you have the appropriate software, we recommend that you check the System Requirements below.

Before registering for a virtual class, check the course datasheet to see if there are additional system requirements..

System Requirements

Required Software

Windows:       Windows Exceed onDemand Installers 32bit/64bit

Linux:            Aventail VPN Client for 32bit Linux
                       Aventail VPN Client for 64bit Linux
                       Exceed OnDemand for Linux TAR file
                       Exceed OnDemand for Linux RPM file       

Getting the Most from Virtual Classroom Training

To ensure that you have the best training experience in a virtual classroom, we suggest that you

You can ask questions during a virtual class either by using the meeting interface or by using your phone while you are in the audio conference.